People often ask if their Solar PV Panels really need to be cleaned and if this is a job they can do themselves? We have highlighted here some of the main reasons why it is very important to keep the panels spotless, and why you should trust SOLARCLEAN UK keep them at peak performance;

 In the same way that your house or car windows need to be cleaned regularly, to remove the build up of dust and dirt, your roof mounted Solar PV panels need to be cleaned by professionals to ensure they produce maximum output all of the time so you receive your maximum annual revenue from your system. DIRTY SOLAR PANELS CAN LOSE YOU MONEY!

Rain water alone will NOT clean your solar panels. If you consider the dust and dirt left behind on your car after it rains – this is the same with your solar panels! Tap water will NOT clean your solar panels effectively either. Hard tap water will leave streaks and spots on the solar panels reducing their output.

We use state of the art, and environmentally friendly, Pure Water Reach and Wash Cleaning Systems that use De-Ionised Water. We do not use cleaning fluids or chemicals as these can damage your solar panels. Using SOLARCLEAN UK to regularly clean your solar panels will ensure you receive the maximum return on your investment.

Major studies have shown that failing to clean your solar panels properly can reduce the output they generate by up to 30% in some cases. SOLARCLEAN UK have the experience, equipment and knowledge to clean your solar panels effectively, safely and cost effectively to make sure you get the maximum benefit from your Solar PV Roof Mounted System.  We are fully insured to carry out all of our works on your premesis.

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